This week saw a lot of electrical and carpentry work.  All the outlets are in, and we have several circuits in the kitchen now rather than the two we had before.  The south door (middle-back of the above image) was widened a few inches, and raised in height.  Drywall is coming soon!

The hood for the stove showed up yesterday.  It’s a 40 inch bosch,  which we paid way too much for.  Most hoods are very large and remind me of grain silos!  Since our hood will be a visible center piece from the kitchen, pub/dining area and the living room, we decided to get the slimmest and most attractive hood we could find.

On Tuesday we had a new wood burning fireplace insert installed.  It’s a very attractive Morso, and it qualifies for the tax credit.  We won’t get to fire it up until the kitchen remodel is closer to done, but it looks a lot more attractive already, even though it’s currently hidden behind the yet-to-be-assembled hood.

Kitchen demolition day 5

Starting a fire in the old 1956 fireplace just sent all the heat up the chimney, and a good portion of the smoke into the living room, so we are looking forward to enjoying the new insert.

More detail work and fiddly bits for the next few days, but things should really pick up again when drywall starts going up.