Last night I attended a Seattle Entrepreneurs MeetUp group event, hosted at Davis Write Tremaine LLP.  I was really impressed with the volume and quality of the attendees.  The topic was “Startup Matchmaking; Finding a Co-Founder, Building Your Team, Joining a Startup”.

In an amusing turn, all the panelists suggested that new startups don’t bother looking for partners as it can consume time and often end up pairing you with the wrong person for growth!  It was encouraging to hear some successful people say, “just start building your thing and go for traction”, rather than lay out a labyrinth of business hoops to jump through.

Equally amusing, I also learned that I am a “Unicorn”!  I had never heard the term, but apparently entrepreneurs with technical skills are a rare and sought after beast.  You could have fooled me, as I believed most of us had various technical skills.  Maybe I can leverage this in some meaningful way as I move forward.

If you have been eyeing this group and are on the fence, I would give a solid recommendation to attend an event.  It was a good time and I met a lot of great people.