In the interest of being honest with myself and everyone else, I’ve been struggling a bit with what content to put on my blog.  I’m one of those people who can do several things pretty well, which seems like a benefit until you realize that it really means I want to do several things at once!  I know multi-tasking is a lie, but I won’t give up the various passions in my life.  So as of late I’ve mostly been working out an effective and enjoyable way to balance the things I am most interested in, and let go of everything else.

And that’s where the struggle came in for me.  Those topics don’t really seem to go well together on one blog.  But then again, they do go really well together in my one life, so there has to be a way to make them work in a blog too.  After way too much pondering and experimentation, I finally realized the only way forward is to simply be honest, do what I love, and share the best parts of it.  So that’s what you can expect to find here from now.

So what’s left after the big clean out?  Making music, making games, my family, and yoga.

It feels great to have that cleared up so I can move forward.  Thanks for sharing in it with me!


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