In February I had the great honor of being the lead instructor for a 3D Game Development program presented to 50+ students from 3D College in Grenaa, Denmark.  The program was facilitated by Experience America, and held on the University of Washington campus.

We presented new material in the mornings, and ran lab time in the afternoon where students worked on game development projects.  This was a really skilled, high energy bunch, and they produced a lot of very good and entertaining work!  I can’t wait to see all the great things they do as they transition into careers and continue to hone their craft.


Teaching game development to 50 Danish students at the University of Washington

I was assisted when instructing by Alan Diekfuss and Josh Prigg, without whom I could not have pulled off such a memorable month.  And Drew Cady, Leah Verre and Henk Dawson all contributed greatly to the program through guest presentations to the students.  We all shared countless wonderful moments that led to powerful human connections I’ll never forget.  I am very grateful to have been a small part of these students lives.

Last October we ran a similar program, also at the U.W., for Danish students visiting from the Game I.T. college, also in Grenaa.  It was equally exciting and moving!


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