About Me

About Me

My name is Christopher Orth.  I am a Game Designer, Musician and a Business Owner who lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Well Played Games

 After many years of working for big game companies making large titles for consoles, PC and handhelds, I’ve “gone indie” and started my own company.  Well Played Games is busy producing it’s first titles for iOS / Android and desktop systems!  I’ve also been having a growing number of wonderful conversations with non-gaming companies that are looking to use gaming technologies and principles to better interact with their customers and users.


Game Industry Experience

Game Designer on inFamous for the Playstation 3, from Sucker Punch Productions.

Review Scores:

  • IGN – 92
  • 1UP – 91
  • IGN UK – 90
  • GameTrailers – 90
  • GameSpot – 90
  • GamePro – 90
  • Metacritic – 8.5
  • Metacritic User Score of 8.8

I’ve worked at Sucker Punch Productions, Gas Powered Games, Foundation 9, and Amaze Entertainment on various titles for the Playstation 3, PC, Nintendo Wii and Playstation Portable. 


Previous Careers 

Before entering the gaming industry, I was part of the big tech boom working as a Web Designer and Information Architect for various companies.  In my early 20’s I was a professional musician, and I’ve had a very brief stint in FM radio (KRFX / KAZY / KBPI in Denver, Colorado) as an on-air talent and production specialist.


Education and Professional Development

I hold a degree in 3D Animation Graphics and Compositing.  Learning and self-education has been a life-long passion, and I have studied many design and artistic practices, including all aspects of design, human psychology, graphic design, color theory, music recording and performance, synthesizer programming, and drawing/painting.  

I have also had the good fortune to attend many training sessions on skills that enhance my natural leadership capabilities, including The Coaching Edge, Facilitative Leadership, Content Management Systems, Data Modeling, Project Management Training.



Feel free to Contact Me with any questions or offers!