For the last several years I have been working a blend of adjunct teaching positions, independent contracts, personal projects, and online education programs.  While this has been fabulous fun and opened many doors for me, the time commitments have ballooned into something that is unsustainable and unhealthy.

I have been an adjunct instructor at DigiPen for the last year, and have loved every minute of it!  It is an exceptional school filled with impressive and dedicated students.  This full time offer came along at a time when I very much needed to consolidate time/schedules, and it’s just too good of a fit to pass up.

Though this is an exciting opportunity for me, I will miss being involved with all the wonderful programs and organizations I have been working with in the last few years, namely the Digital Media Arts program at Bellevue College, the international game development programs with Experience America and 3DCollege / GameIT, and all the fun smaller projects I’ve had the privilege of working on, like Across the Line VR.  I will continue to maintain and support my various online educational series and products.

My thanks to everyone involved!