After one day of prep and demo, the kitchen is largely transformed.  Holly was quite happy to see the old 1956 cabinets mostly gone when she got home.  I’m also really impressed that Keystone cleaned up the work area before they left for the night!  All the debris was swept and vacuumed.  That’s a nice touch, since we have three cats that will be poking their noses into everything different when we let them out each night.

Kitchen demolition day 1

I am pleasantly surprised that the noise has been largely tolerable while working in my home office just around the corner.  But ask me again in a couple weeks if I still feel that way!

We should start to see some of the significant carpentry today.  Most of a whole wall is coming down, a couple small end walls are going away, and the drop ceiling is being raised to match the sloping ceiling in the rest of the house.  Big changes on the way!