From March 2011 to November 2013 I owned and operated a little company called Well Played Games LLC.  I started it with the intention of having a vehicle to use for making some small iOS games and growing it into larger products with bigger teams.  But along the way a variety of different opportunities came up for me.

Some were professional, some were personal, but they were all very rewarding threads to pull on for a while.  I made a lot of video tutorials.  I taught game design in colleges, online, and even overseas!  And I had the privilege of being involved in various behind the scenes ways in many diverse projects, both in and out of the game industry.  And I learned a ton about running a small business.

Now I find myself in the position of having a lot of avenues for continuing to help and work with other people on shared goals.  To keep Well Played Games running would require me to devote most of my time and resources to it in order to be successful, and close off all of those other opportunities.  So it makes sense to let go of Well Played Games in order to better focus on those more compelling things at this time.  This also leaves me far more open than I was before to new partnerships, contracts and gigs.  It was a good run, I had fun and learned a lot, and helped a few people along the way, so I’m counting it as a win.  You can be sure Well Played Games will not be the last company I create!

So am I done with games?  No!  I am currently partnering on a demo for a game that would be larger and more engaging than the smaller projects I was working on before.  I’m also devoting a lot of my personal time to creating music again, and I will be sharing that in the weeks and months to come.  And of course, I’m still going to be very involved in education.  I’m actively generating new video content for multiple sources, and continue to teach classes and programs on game development to students in classrooms.

If you were looking for the tutorials I made through Well Played Games about Playmaker in Unity3D for Hutong Games, you can still find them all here, and of course at the Hutong Games YouTube Channel.

And of course, feel free to contact me any time, and you can follow me here at, which I will be actively using as the hub for all my future ventures.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Grace


    Just wanted to say thanks for your awesome work with the Playmaker tutorials. I’ve watched a lot of paid and free video tutorials for a lot of different software and honestly, yours are the best.

    I don’t know if creating more video tutorials are in your future, but I hope so.

    Thank you very much,


  2. Christopher Orth

    Thanks so much for your kinds words! And yes, there will be more video tutorials. 🙂


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