I recently finished an online 9 week “Home Mastering Master Class” from Ian Shepherd. It was great fun and very informative!  Ian did a great job of communicating deep, valuable information about mastering audio while staying easy to understand and entertaining.

If you have any interest at all in mastering music, or even just understanding loudness and how it relates to your mixes, give Ian’s Home Mastering Master Class a look.

I have no real interest in being a mastering engineer myself, but I did want to understand the process and learn how to better mix and prepare my own songs as I work on them.  Also, I now feel confident to do a “soft master” on my own songs so they test better on other systems, in front of other people for feedback, etc.   And best of all, I feel like I can now have an intelligent conversation with a real mastering engineer, which has got to be good for everyone all around.

Ian also has a great YouTube channel full of free info.


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